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Five Freedoms


The Five Freedoms, originally developed by the Farm Animal Welfare Council are at the heart of many elements of assurance schemes and retailer requirements. PIW can help you meet these requirements, frequently with only small changes to management processes.

Freedom from hunger and thirst

The minimum requirement for any animal is adequate food and water but how this is delivered is also important:

PIW will ensure you meet this requirement, not just through the provision of physical equipment, but feed management and use.

PIW will help you ensure all the animal’s requirements for water are met and that it is managed hygienically and fit to meet all assurance schemes requirements.

Freedom from discomfort

No animal will perform at its best if it is in discomfort. Discomfort can be caused in two key ways. It can come from the environment the animal is kept it, where buildings or equipment are not fit for purpose and have a negative impact on the animal’s comfort when they come into contact with it.

PIW can identify those areas that are causing physical discomfort and help to eliminate them from the system or minimise their impact.

Or an animal itself can be in discomfort. PIW can identify if this problem is individual to the animal or an ongoing issue caused by the animal’s environment (ventilation etc). PIW can work with producers to identify such issues and eliminate them or minimise their impact.

Overall, PIW can offer advice on how to ensure animals have the comfort they require, not just to meet the requirements of the Five Freedoms, but to allow them to perform optimally.

Freedom from pain injury and disease

Pain injury and disease will all hinder performance and can be very expensive to cure - as always, prevention is better and cheaper than cure:

PIW are experienced in identifying areas of production likely to cause pain and injury and advise on corrective actions.

Disease has many points of entry and PIW will help you to identify these areas and work with you to reduce risk.

Freedom to express normal behaviour

To achieve maximum production, it is important to ensure that the animal is in a stress free environment that offers the animals the opportunity to express normal behaviour.

PIW are experienced in what is normal behaviour across all the main species farmed for food - and the inputs needed to ensure these requirements are met and maintained.

Freedom from fear and distress

Fear and distress prevents optimum performance.

PIW will identify those areas that may cause fear and distress and recommend actions that minimise stress and ensure maximum output is achieved.