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PIW's consultants have worked extensively internationally in both the livestock and aquaculture sectors.

We can deliver all the services offered in the UK as well as helping producers internationally to meet the expectations of the UK market specifically, as well as take full advantage of opportunities in their own countries and further afield.

Our unique experience through our involvement with the world's leading farm animal welfare assurance scheme, Freedom Food will help producers put welfare at the heart of their business in a practical way - allowing them to carve out a point of difference and access new markets at home and internationally.

Our experience includes:

  • Spain. Coren SA – 2006-2010. Advised on the changes required to allow Coren’s free range chicken to obtain Freedom Food certification - for export to the UK. Input included changes to the hatchery, the growing systems and slaughter process.
  • Tasmania. Huon – 2004. Advised on the changes that needed to be made across all their sites to bring Huon, the second largest salmon producer in Tasmania, in line with Freedom Food standards.
  • Turkey. On behalf of Channel Fisheries - 2011. Examined areas across sea bream and sea bass operations to identify changes required to deliver a higher welfare method of slaughter.
  • Belgium. Kwetters – 2009. Helped change production to enable compliance with UK retailer and assurance scheme requirements.
  • Netherlands. Senova – 2011. Identified areas where change was required to meet UK retailer and assurance scheme requirements.
  • Denmark. Tikan – 2012-14. Identified changes needed to meet the needs of the UK market place and to help them understand and deliver free farrowing.
  • Norway. Marine Harvest Norway - 2008, 2009. Visiting their production systems, identifying areas where improvements were required to meet the requirements of UK assurance schemes.
  • Faroe Islands. Hidden Fjord – 2012. Visited their production systems, identifying areas where improvements were needed to meet the requirements of UK assurance schemes.